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Summer Special #2

Summer Special #2

(4 customer reviews)

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How to use

GIGI. Retin A  Triple power Rejuvintime Lightening Gel 30 ml.

Thoroughly clean and dry the area. Apply the gel and massage until totally absorb. For maximum results apply Retin ARejuvintime peeling as a preparation treatment.

GIGI. Retin A Triple Power Rejuvintime Peeling 5ml x 5

Clean and dry the specific area. Apply Retin ARejuvintime peeling to the area and bikini line. Leave for 2-3 minutes and remove with a damp cloth or in the shower. May be used twice a week. For optimum results apply Retin A Lightening Gel to the treated area on the next day.

Kedma. Body butter Mango. 250 gr.

Use daily after shower or then the skin is very dry.

Kedma. Salt scrub kiwi-mango. 250 gr

Wet your body with warm water, apply Kedma Salt scrub to your body in gentle circles. Rince with warm water. Avoid contact with eyes. Apply 1-2 times a week.

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GIGI. Retin A Rejuvintim Lightening Gel 30 ml

GIGI. Retin A Rejuvintime Peeling 5 ml x 5

Kedma. Body Butter Mango 250 gr

Kedma. Salt Scrub Kiwi-Mango 250 gr


GIGI. Retin A  Triple power Rejuvintime Lightening Gel 30 ml.

A gentle lightening gel for intimate areas and the bikini line. The gel lightens the appearance of dark skin marks caused by chafing, inflammation and skin irritation. The treatment renews and improves the appearance and touch of the skin without drying and irritation. Suitable for men and woman. For optimum  results apply the gel every day until the desired results are achieved.

Brightens and soothes delicate skin, helps fight pigmentation and melasma, improves melanin         synthesis, stimulates cell metabolism.


GIGI. Retin A Triple Power Rejuvintime Peeling 5ml x 5

A unique peeling specifically developed for intimate areas and bikini line. Smooths skin, lightens pigmentations, preventing ingrown hairs, and improves skin elasticity. Suitable for men and women.


Kedma. Body butter mango. 250 gr.

Composed of cacao seed butter, Dead Sea minerals and a blend of sensual, natural oils, this thick cream provides instant, long term skin nutrition.  Ideal for treating dry skin, cracked elbows and knees.


Kedma. Salt scrub kiwi-mango. 250 gr

Fill your body with energy using Kedma Salt scrub that combines Dead Sea minerals with natural oils. Gentle and reviving, the scrub exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells, nourishes and softens the skin.

4 reviews for Summer Special #2

  1. RM

    Congrats with new site! This set is amazing! all products work very well. i used products for my knees and elbows and there was a noticeable difference.

  2. Kelly

    i love kedma products and happy to purchace them here in very reasonable prices which is not always the case.

  3. Sue L

    I have been using teh set for the past three months and I would totally recommend it to others. And thanks for the bonus!)))

  4. Lisa

    My skin became more youthful, brighter and without pigmentation after 6 weeks of usage. I will write a full review after six months.

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